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Briefcases, Stadium Seat
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Port & Company® - Rally Towel. PT38

Port & Company® - Beach Towel. PT42

Port & Company® - Grommeted Fingertip Towel. PT40

Port & Company® - Grommeted Hand Towel. PT41

Port & Company® - Fingertip Towel. PT39

Port Authority® Grommeted Tri-Fold Golf Towel. TW50

Port Authority® Grommeted Golf Towel. TW51

Port Authority® Sport Towel. TW52


Port Authority® - Wheeled Backpack. BG76

Port Authority® Wheeled Backpack. BG76S

Port Authority® Urban Backpack. BG77

Port & Company® - Colorblock Cinch Pack. BG80


Port & Company® - Shoe Bag. B035

Port & Company® - Convention Tote. B050

Port & Company® - Improved Essential Tote. B0750

Port & Company® - Laundry Bag. B085

Port & Company® Grocery Tote. B100

Port & Company® - Budget Tote. B150

Port & Company® - Improved Two-Tone Colorblock Tote. B1510

Port & Company® - Jumbo Tote. B300

Port & Company® - 2-Tone Shopping Tote. B400

Port Authority® Improved All Purpose Tote. B5000

Port Authority® Improved Panel Tote. B5160

Port Authority® Two-Tone Cinch Pack. BG83

Port & Company® - Cinch Pack. BG85

Port & Company® - 6-Pack Cooler. BG87


Port & Company® - Improved Two-Tone Small Duffel. BG1040

Port & Company® - Metro Duffel. BG91

Port & Company® - Colorblock Sport Duffel. BG99

Briefcases, Stadium Seat

Port Authority® Midcity Messenger. BG78


Port & Company® - Value Fleece Blanket with Strap. BP10

Carrying Case with Handle. BBAG

Sport-Tek® Sweatshirt Blanket. BP50

Port Authority® Stadium Blanket. BP80

Port Authority® Fleece and Nylon Travel Blanket. TB85


Port Authority® Full Length Apron with Pockets. A500

Port Authority® Medium Length Apron with Pouch Pockets. A510

Port Authority® Waist Apron with Pockets. A515

Port Authority® Full Length Apron. A520

Port Authority® Medium Length Apron. A525

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